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Ash Parrish

Ash Parrish

Video Games Reporter

Ash is a Video Games Reporter for The Verge with a focus on covering marginalized gamers and their communities, writing about the intersection of video games and sex, and finding a way to make the general video gaming public care about the Overwatch League.

Y’all really liked that trailer, huh?

The reveal of GTA VI was always going to be a moment. The events preceding the game’s initial reveal were, itself, a moment when the trailer got leaked, forcing Rockstar to release it earlier than intended.

In the 48-ish hours since then, the debut trailer for GTA VI has already eclipsed the first trailer of its predecessor, amassing more views in that short time than the GTA V trailer could get in 10 years.


Screenshot of YouTube thumbnail featuring the view number for the GTA V trailer which is 101 million views.


Image: The Verge / YouTube
Apple Arcade is assembling a Dream Team.

My everlasting search for a new Sonic game that isn’t soul-crushing or a technical mess may have come to an end but there’s a catch: it’s only available on Apple Arcade.

Sonic Dream Team, which Polygon makes sound like a better version of Sonic Superstars, launches today on Apple Arcade.

Also coming today to Apple Arcade is another dream game, Disney meets Animal Crossing sim Disney Dreamlight Valley: Arcade Edition, along with Puzzle & Dragons Story and Turmoil+.

Speak softly, then drop a hype-ass trailer.

We knew it was coming. Then Rockstar confirmed it was coming. Now it’s telling us exactly when — Tuesday, December 5th at 9 AM Eastern.

You know, it.

The GTA VI trailer.

Though a short blog post with just an image and the date and time information doesn’t seem like the most exciting of teases, it is in line with Rockstar’s penchant for understated announcement schemes.

Image: Rockstar Games
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Well that’s awkward.

The latest Baldur’s Gate 3 patch has given me the chance to make my bear boyfriend Halsin very very uncomfortable.

Minthara, one of Act I’s goblin camp leaders, is a much desired companion. Problem is, you have to commit a lot of murder and risk Halsin leaving your group (y’know because of all the murder) to recruit her. While some players have found interesting ways to get around this, Patch 5 now seems to let you simply knock her out during her fight and recruit her later in Act II.