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The second season of The Last of Us will debut in 2025

The second season of The Last of Us will debut in 2025


In a new teaser, Max confirmed the second chapter of the critically acclaimed show will arrive in 2025 along with the next seasons of Euphoria and The White Lotus.

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Bella Ramsey (Ellie) with her head lying against Pedro Pascal’s (Joel) chest as he holds up a gun and looks the other way.
Image: HBO

The second season of HBO’s The Last of Us will debut in 2025. A new teaser dropped by Max confirmed the date and also offered a glimpse into its 2024 lineup.

The news comes after showrunner Craig Mazin revealed production will start on February 12th, 2024, which is later than originally planned because of the Writers Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA strikes. Despite the delay, work on the second season is still underway with an outline already prepared and the first episode’s script submitted before the strike.

The forthcoming season will take place a few years after the first. It will likely be an adaptation of The Last of Us Part II video game, which is getting a remastered version for PlayStation 5 on January 19th, 2024. Bella Ramsey (Ellie) and Pedro Pascal (Joel) will return, while the role of Abby Anderson has reportedly already been cast — though we’ve yet to find out who will play the part.

In addition to The Last of Us, the short teaser from Max also showed footage from Euphoria, The White Lotus, And Just Like That, and the prequel series to Stephen King’s It, Welcome to Derry, all of which will arrive in 2025.

Viewers, of course, were additionally offered first looks from shows that will land in 2024, like the new Batman spinoff show The Penguin, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Tokyo Vice, and Hacks. The teaser also showed scenes from the second season of Game of Thrones spinoff House of the Dragon, whose trailer debuted earlier this month ahead of its release next summer.